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This music video series (and album, and pre-election November concert with video projection) is aiming to be twelve issue-themed songs, covers or originals, each by a different group of diverse musicians with cover art by varying artists for their single releases. I hope to include as many citizens' (written) voices as possible by way of overlaying footage.

Take a peek at the project's first video (here), a general "have a voice" urge to VOTE.


Then if you or those in your circles or reach have reason or motivation / inspiration to similarly partake with a stationary / static 10-second horizontal-frame video of you/them standing while holding a screen-legible handwritten sign for any of the following proposed more-specific issues listed as brainstorm below (or any others you suggest!), I'd be grateful for and reverent of the share.


Whether you/they choose to include your/their face onscreen with the story, urge, quip or factoid is of course personal, with some of these subjects being more sensitive and historically shame-centric than others.


As well, they'll be included in the music video montages in slo-mo, but I can certainly take care of that "in post," as I know it makes video clips much larger to send to

1. Weather Disaster Survivors, Statistics, Solutions, Behavioral Tips, Org Shouts 

Ideally standing either in "nature" or in front of damage or effects à la news coverage, but this is understandably of-the-moment and likely not possible during pandemic. Of course the hope is that other shelter has been found or repairs are already underway!

Song Overlay, finished: "Sleeping In" (Postal Service) 

Release Date: Earth Day, April 22nd


2. Sexual Assault Survivors, Statistics, Hopes, Demands

Potential Release Date: Last Day of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, April 30th


3. Stories & References of Silencing, Suppression; Shout-Outs to Journalists 

Potential Release Date: World Press Freedom Day, May 3rd


4. Health Care System Negligence, Statistics, Hopes, Governmental Urges

Potential Release Date: National Nurses Day, May 6th


5. Women's Rights, Body Rights; Stories, References, Hopes, Demands

Potential Release Date: Mother's Day, May 10th


6. Racial Hate Crime Victims, Stories, Demands; Reverence for Diversity

Potential Release Date: World Day for Cultural Diversity, May 21st


7. Gun Violence Statistics, Proximity, Victims

Potential Release Date: National Gun Violence Awareness Day, June 5th

8. COVID-19 Memorial & Reverence, Statistics, Personal Homages

Potential Release Date: (hmm...

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