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The Get With It Project


2016 Letter to Artists:


The day after elections in November, I was stuck in an airport in Texas. For twelve consistent hours, there was an eery air of business-as-usual, to the point that I asked a few gate-waiting groups and bathroom lines if anyone had voted. No one had; some didn’t know there had been reason, a few chuckled as if that was silly stuff they wouldn’t bother with. While it’s well known that our country is politically apathetic, this was jarring.


But it isn’t just election day. For many that make under a certain amount of taxable income, aren’t particularly plagued by health issues, don’t have children in underserved schools, and/or haven’t been under the thumb of immigration law, it can actually be hard to feel the government’s impact on the personal day-to-day; or if it is apparent, it doesn’t often feel possible to have any effect on policy. 


So! I’ve had individual conversations with people often since the election, with strangers of all views or lack thereof, and thought I’d start a (silent, slo-mo, Humans of New York-esque) montage video series that asks them to pose a quick written sign of something they’d like to change in their own life that they think the government (and/or society) could help them with, or at least keep in mind.


And! For the fun - I sing (lately most often as a harmonic session player for others), and think it’s prime time for another notable revolution in music (as many are echoing). I amassed a playlist of yesteryear gems [Spotify: “Revolution (The Get With It Project)”], and have written a handful of lyrics thusfar, too. I’d love to collab with a different musician or group of musicians for each song or handful of songs (cover, yours, mine; I’m open) and use the slow-mo montages I’m collecting as music videos for each. 


A friend’s studio is thusfar recording the first of these songs that will be compiled into a Get With It album (some fave greats have already donated rights), and making multi-cam live session videos of each recording session.


Then! Once we have a good repertoire of tunes, I’ll book a show that’ll add to the delicious pile of great group music family feels lately, hold it as a benefit for the orgs we know and love, and project the footage on the wall while we round-robin jam.     


Let me know if you’re game. :)

xo Annie        

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